Telling Alcohol Off. One Day at a Time

What’s FUalcohol?

We’re a different type of sobriety podcast

And we’re really tired of alcohol’s shit.

We’ve had enough of it and want to do something about it. We know how destructive alcohol can be to mind body and spirit and understand that having a place to go to connect with people struggling with something similar can make all the difference for us.

We want to help. So reach out, get connected or just hear our stories and get a laugh along the way. You’re not alone in this.

And join us when we say FU Alcohol.

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When people struggle with their relationship to alcohol, often times it is difficult to change their normal behavioral patters by themselves--they need a community.  There is always AA, but often times people need something more.  That's why we have our forum.

Not only does It correlates to the topics of the podcasts, but is also just a place for people to reach out and connect with a community of people who all feel the same way about alcohol.  Together we can all say FU to Alcohol and talk about how we can move away from its toxic presence in our past, present and future.

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Mike Solais

Podcast Extraordinaire

Even before I took a look at my own drinking I was looking into resources for recovery. I wanted to find a place I could go and listen to people just like me tell their stories. It was pivotal for me even before I made the decision to stop the madness.
I had my favorites and listened often.
I just felt that there was something missing in them: “The Real” Yes, I am using a Matrix reference! lol
What do I mean by that? I just mean that getting real with someone is what I am about. People that know me know that I am a great listener and I have an uncanny way of “getting to the bottom of it.” I wanted to create a place where people just like me or someone from a way different background could go for the best resource any of us need…..connection.

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